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Kitteh still alive!

Kitteh here, and I forgot to update post NDK 2017.  (or DCC 2017 for that matter)

The artist who writes and draws for me had a big personal upset.  (understatement)  Between those two events, her mother’s health declined rapidly, and then just after NDK (within weeks)  Her mother died.


For now… Um… While I want to answer and share and things, I don’t recall much of what happened in that moment.  Very blurry.


So, here, sharing a thing I found on Tumblr:


For all those new and aspiring artists, some simple, yet tenable advice.

Take very good care of yourselves out there!

*Hugs and loves*




Health note from the artist :)

Hey there, Kitteh here passing on a note from the artist.

She’d like you to know that it’s been slow.   She hasnt been out to any conventions since Denver Comic Con, because she went and had surgery.

The entire original Q+A about this can be read here:


Healing is going well.  She had an infection or two along the way.  And she’s still healing 🙂

This is a long process.  But it’s a good one.  She’s already noted marked improvement in her functionality, and her ability to stand up straighter, breathe easier, and be able to sleep at night without her fingers going numb (when a lady lies down at night, they roll to the side and into the arms)


anyhoo.  It will still be a long time before she can go out and be at a convention again… so questions will come from other sources, and updates are directed through me 😀


Thank you for your understanding, and Moving forwards, here we go!

*big hugs*

Take good care of yourselves!



Boulder Creek Fest May 29th 2016

WOO!  First question from the audience!!!

(it was answered on the spot, but still, this is how it should work so we’re modeling 🙂 bear with us)


“How did you get started with this webcomic?”

Well, I had just torn my tendons (yeooooouch!)  and was stuck to the couch.  That is to say, I had to stay off my feet and heal them.

At the same time, my friend had hurt their back. and was stuck to their couch.


So I started an email battle with them. “Ninja kitteh leaps onto your head!!!”   “RAAAAR! Shaolin Puppy knocks you off”

That kinda silly thing.  (yes, boredom does weird things to the mind 🙂  yay email!)


anyhoo, a little while later, i decided to start drawing these strange antics, as I kept getting hurt and being immobile.  (good times)   I found that with most of my hurts (sans the right shoulder freeze)  I could keep going with this, and not go completely insane 🙂

super happy!

so, it continues onwards 🙂  and my poor friend is still getting emails, even though their back has long since healed 🙂



Oh, an for those who want to know when, it all started around July 2010 🙂

Relations in the NKVSSP universe

Because some folks have been confused 😉    here we go!


Kitteh! is from the Shadow Paw Clan in Colorado.  Sometimes you see her with the other ninja cats.  As far as this story goes though, she is related to her mum, and her dad (that’s my story and i’m stickin to it!)

Puppy! Has a mum and dad that have not been drawn into the comics.  Currently you have only seen her Aunt (aunt Bea)  and her cousin Ralph.  Pup’s Uncle Arthur is deceased.

Ralph, one of the older sons of Aunt Bea, he has one older brother named Roger. (as previously mentioned, his dad is deceased)

Roger is Ralph’s older brother.  The artist gets this confused all the time and has to look it up!!!  “who’s older? wait, what do i have written in my file? ”   Do not let the artist fool you!  She has to work to keep these lists together!

Ahem.  That’s the biggest points of confusion so far.  Any more that you ask about, I’ll start adding them here.

*big Kitteh hugs!*  and happy Wednesday to you!



Asked over the previous years 201?-2016

I will start off with these questions, as they’re already out there.

Q1) Puppy’s a girl? but she doesn’t look like one.  Why don’t you give her boobs, or a ponytail, or eyelashes?

A1) Shaolin Puppy is female, yep.  She is also a short-haired dog.  No boobs, no ponytail, and yep, no long lashes.  Her design was a conscious choice.


Q2) Aunt Bea has swooshy hair though?

A2)  Aunt Bea is a long hair dog 🙂  as such, she can swoosh her hair as she likes (i do love her current style, though she could change it in the future if she wanted to)


Q3) How long do your stories typically run?

A3) As long as it takes to tell the story.  Some are only one image, and it’s done 🙂   Others are upwards of 41 pages and still going (probably not posted yet if I’m still writing on them tho 🙂 )


Q4) When did you first start working on this series?

A4)  I first started Ninja Kitteh vs Shaolin Puppy in either June or July of 2010.  Around that time, I hurt myself badly and couldn’t leave the couch.  At the same time, my friend had also hurt herself.  So I started drawing and sending things back and forth with her to keep sane.  (and so started this comic.)

Heh… I had to look it up.  The first post on Smackjeeves was August 17th 2010.   (I was developing these before i first posted, which is why i remember develop dates, but not first post dates 🙂    ah well 🙂 )


Q5)  Why is it Ninja Kitteh VERSUS Shaolin Puppy?

A5) Originally, I had in my mind a kind of Spy vs Spy gag reel comic.  I liked how Kitteh grew and changed though, and I found my favourite comics of the earlier ones, were comics where Kit let her heart shine through.

I did however get the copyright to my work under the original title, and I’m not ready to make the paperwork maneuvers to change it at this time 🙂

Perhaps I’ll fix it in the future.


Kitteh here making her first post ever! 4/24/16

And hopefully I’ve got it right.  Pup always says I can do it, I just have to start somewhere and try!

This is a brief note, mostly to make sure I have the hang of this editing thing, and to explain the purpose of this blog.

This Kitteh’s blog’s sole purpose is to answer questions that people have asked me over the years, and I’ve not had an “on the spot” answer.

Sometimes you talk to folks, and they ask you something like “What is the meaning of life?”   and, I’ll know a little while later what I want to answer, but right now all I can do is call back 42!!!

SO!  For those big questions that I feel require a bit more time to answer, I will direct people here.  Each question will be labeled by the location and time (like, Denver Comic Con, June 18th talk)   so, even if I don’t know your name, I can and will answer you to the best of my abilities 🙂

I don’t like leaving things hanging if i can help it 🙂    So we’ll see how this goes!

*big hugs*  Happy Sunday to you all!